The sustainability concept is aimed at all our guests, employees, partners and the owner. We are a leading boutique hotel in the 3 star superior category in Zurich for solo travelers, business travelers and families.


Our thoughts and actions are focused on and aimed at the guests, who are our most important assets. All guests should feel at home and are attentively cared for according to their needs. Our attentive attitude then turns first time guests into regulars who also act as ambassadors to pass on their experiences to third parties, friends and families.

Partner Companies

We are pleased to have partnered up with the following collaborating companies: betterspace360, Wabe3, Stiftung myclimate “Cause We Care”, menzihuus “Arbeiten & Wohnen”, WfW “Water for Water”, Fondation SapoCycle, Simon & Josef, Räber, Captain Körk, Bertschi Bakery Zurich

Sapo-Cycle, Hotel City Zürich
Raeber Schweizer Traditionsunternehmen, Hotel City Zürich
Menzihuus, Hotel City Zürich
Simon-Josef, Hotel City Zürich
Wabe3, Hotel City Zürich
MyClimate Hotel City Zurich
Green Hotels Schweiz
betterspace, Hotel City Zürich


The Hotel City Zurich stands for quality, tradition and modernity. Our daily activities aim at the well-being of the guests and employees as well as future-oriented thinking by:

offering true hospitality with attention to detail and cordiality
addressing individual customer needs classifying the safety of people in the hotel as a top priority offering high quality products and services creating a positive stay and experience maintaining respectful interaction and encouraging employees seeing ourselves as ambassadors of the house and thinking and acting entrepreneurial communicating actively internally and externally and maintaining our positive image complying with all relevant legal regulations

Green Globe Certified


Trust and professionalism form the basis of our partnerships with employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. We treat our guests, employees and partners with appreciation and respect. Our partners take into account the same high quality and service requirements. When making operational decisions we strive for economically and ecologically sensible ones.


We attach great importance to the safety of our guests and employees. Our facilities such as the gas heating, the elevator, the fire extinguishers and the fire alarm system are regularly maintained. Our employees receive fire trainings and emergency courses at appropriate intervals so that they can help and support them quickly and purposefully.


Our quality standards are based on the needs and expectations of our guests as well as the vision of the owner and the company. By recording and systematically evaluating and implementing quality assurance measures, we continuously improve our services and monitor their effectiveness.


In addition to our activities in the sustainability area of the rooms, we have implemented the following activities, among others:

  • LED lamps were installed throughout the house
  • Provision of two e-bikes for our guests
  • Active waste separation (cardboard, glass, paper, batteries, light bulbs, PET)
  • Energy accounting for constant control of water, electricity and waste consumption
  • Where possible, suppliers and products are regional
  • Various donations and regional partners

Sustainability is key when it comes to protecting the environment and our future resources. Wherever possible we have switched to organic detergents, our printing paper is certified with the EU Eco-labels ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9706 and the ECF label. During the refurbishment in 2013, we installed a heat pump that reduced CO2 emissions by 65 tons per year.

Wherever possible we separate our waste into cardboard, paper, PET and glass piles. We select our suppliers accordingly and from the region in order to avoid long distances and transport times in order to reduce CO2 emissions. We are implementing an anti-bribery policy stating that bribes or similar are not accepted by suppliers.

There are also no transactions with contractors or suppliers who are known to offer bribes or similar. In addition, when choosing new contractors and suppliers, we make sure that they have an anti-bribery program installed on their end. We favor certified suppliers and contractors who pursue best and greener practices, as well as fair trade, environmentally safe and regional products. We make sure that wherever possible we use and offer reusable and recycled products to minimize packaging material.



We foster a goal-oriented management culture in which the employee knows the management structure, the mission statement as well as the personal goals. Our employees shall get involved – we encourage and demand the personal responsibility and co-responsibility of each individual. Through internal and external training, our employees are competent and motivated hosts, allowing for a unique stay.

Mutual respect and appreciation characterize the operational climate. We cultivate a great deal of mutual trust and in case of bullying, sexual harassment or other abuses, the employee can contact his supervisor or the HR manager at any time. These leads – depending on the nature and severity of a warning – to immedate termination without notice. We pay the necessary attention to occupational safety.


Future-oriented decisions are made in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. We use resources such as electricity, water and consumables sparingly and always strive for optimization. The idea of ​​recycling is firmly anchored in the company and wherever possible recyclable products are ordered.

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