Sustainability goals

Sustainability plays a major role when it comes to protecting the environment as well as our future resources. In order to achieve this, we are constantly driving the process of replacing every day products such as detergents to ecologically safer ones while optimizing our workflow.


So far, we have implemented the following sustainability goals:



Reduce energy consumption:

  • we have replaced all light-bulbs with LED ones in all our guest rooms
  • during the hotel reconstruction in 2013, a custom tailored heat pump was manufactured by the Guyer company which precisely measures and evaluates the hotel's energy consumption in order to save as much as possible
  • our employees are trained to use as little power as possible, e.g. just turn the lights on when needed
  • in winter, the heaters are set to minimum while providing the best possible service to our guests
  • in general no power source (such as for lights, TV, radio or similar) turns on before guests check into their rooms

Reduce water consumption:

  • the installation of water saving valves reduces the water flow
  • guests are advised that towels and bed linens are changed every 3 days but can be changed earlier upon request
  • employees are trained to carry out all possible cleaning operations using as little water as necessary


  • our printing paper has been awarded the EU Eco-labels, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9706 and ECF labels
  • our hotel brochures, envelopes, printing paper, stationary items as well as all other printed products that contain our logo are produced with FSC certified paper
  • where possible, our printers are set for duplicate and black&white printing
  • our toilet paper as well as napkins for our breakfast and room service are made from recycled paper
  • employees are trained to re-use printed paper for their own handwritten notes

Guest articles and detergents:

  • where possible, we have already converted our shower or shampoo products in the hotel rooms to large dispensers and ecological shampoos
  • where possible, our laundry and cleaning products have been converted to organic products (such as Relatex complex, Relatex base, Relatex alcal)

Reduce CO2 emissions:

  • during the hotel renovation in 2013, a heat pump was installed that reduced CO2 emissions by 65 tons per year
  • we pay attention to waste separation by strictly separating paper, cardboard, PET and glass
  • wherever possible, we select regional suppliers to reduce travel distances and thus further reduce CO2 emissions
  • we select suppliers who are able to deliver our orders in reusable boxes or bulk quantities as well as pick them up again for refill
  • we order large packs and quantities where possible to further reduce waste and thus reduce CO2 emissions

Support as a guest:

  • change your sheets and towels only when needed
  • turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
  • turn off the tap when showering if you do not need it
  • use public transportation instead of the car or plane if possible
  • use our tap water instead of buying PET bottles
  • turn off any equipment you do not need to conserve power
  • switch off all electrical equipment and power sources when leaving the room