Cause We Care

Initiative "myclimate" foundation

The initiative «Cause We Care» by the Swiss foundation myclimate, enables our guests to help protect the climate on a local as well as global scale. With your voluntary share you can actively and effectively contribute to climate protection. We thank you for this contribution by doubling it. One part of the sum will be used to support high-valency national or international climate protection projects, which makes your booking a climate neutral one. The remaining part is being invested in local sustainability projects. This way your commitment has twice the effect!



How does myclimate «Cause We Care» work?

While booking your room you can optionally and voluntarily contribute a small amount to «Cause We Care» and achieve double the impact: We promise to compensate all unavoidable CO2-emissions of your stay with myclimate climate protection projects. This way you profit from a climate neutral project while at the same time facilitate a sustainable future by creating new jobs, environmental protection and much more, at locations which require it most.

We concurrently invest the equal amount in local sustainability programs and thereby reduce our own CO2-emissions as well as energy consumption, thus enabling you to enjoy more climate friendlier and sustainable future stays at our hotel. Since it's launch in 2017 numerous partners and locations actively participate in the myclimate «Cause We Care» initiative.

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I care

You book a room and voluntarily contribute a small amount to climate protection. This guarantees that you receive a climate neutral product.



The funds compensate the emissions of your offer with myclimate. We furthermore invest in local climate protection projects. With «Cause We Care» you can achieve twice the climate protection - locally and globally.




We care

Once you pay a contribution, we double the amount and invest the total in our «Cause We Care»-fund.



Your contrubution

With your voluntary contribution to climate protection you compensate all CO2-emissions of your stay and at the same time promote local climate protection and sustainability projects. On top of that Hotel City Zürich doubles the amount.